Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Well-Deserved Toast

I just saw Becky Nace on Ruckus, where she was a guest panelist. Becky was very popular among the Friends of Red Bridge (about equal with Mark Funkhouser), and she mentioned Red Bridge on the show, saying the outgoing council shouldn’t have passed that ordinance because the incoming council will just reverse it.

She received a lovely toast from host Mike Shanin for her openness and straightforward answers. I’m sure the Friends of Red Bridge would join in that. On our issues, Becky just got better and better, from the day she made the motion to hold the ordinance in committee, through many meetings of the Operations Committee, and finally in the full session of the City Council.

So, here is my very public THANK YOU to Becky Nace. If you would like to thank her, too, please send a mail to her.

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