Sunday, August 23, 2009

Who is our city council really working for?

The other day, I referenced an article on firedoglake in a tweet:

Reason we're screwed #1 Not only does campaign money corrupt Congressmen, the job is just a resume-builder for K-street
This was about the U.S. Congress, but it applies to our own city council as well. Just look at the career of former 3rd district councilman Troy Nash.

Nash sat on the Planning, Zoning, and Economic Development Committee during his two terms on the city council (1999 to 2007 -- a period that witnessed too many sweetheart deals with developers to list, diverting your tax dollars into developers' pockets while putting the city in a precarious debt situation.)

After being term-limited off the city council, Nash became Vice President and Director of Public Sector Consulting for Zimmer Real Estate Services, one of the largest firms in the Kansas City area.

This fits the pattern perfectly: Use one's time in government to service wealthy interest groups, then work directly for them in the private sector, using the connections made while supposedly serving the people's interests to further the interests of their true masters.

Information that indicates who these true masters are is out there, but you don't hear about it much, and doing your own research by looking up campaign contributions at the Missouri Ethics Commission web site is not my idea of a fun leisure time activity.

But, somebody needs to do it.


Anonymous said...

Is that what Chuck Eddy doing. Is that John Sharp doing because is not working for the 6th district.

Anonymous said...

Check out not-so-Shape's campaign contributers and you'll see who he's working for.

Anonymous said...

What's this got to do with Red Bridge?